ATV 4" Venom Splat Funko Pop Protector - [Pack of 10]

Funko Pop Case


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ATV 4" Venom Splat Funko Pop Protectors - Pack of 10 (figure not included)  


Description: Brand new

• Crystal Clear Acid Free Archival Quality PET PLASTIC  Boxes ( Premium quality)

• Extra thick 0.50 mm walls for perfect stack-able protection

• ATV Embossed Logo on bottom (NEW)

• REINFORCED Grooved Edges (NEW)

• Individually film wrapped for protection (see photos)

• Auto lock at the bottom for ease of setup and aids in stackings your POPs and maintaining their shape.  (see photos)

• Single Lid Flap

• Protect your collection

• Come as a flat pack

 (Please check protector dimensions before ordering)