ATV Funko Pop Tee Protectors (x2)

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18.60 (cm)
27.50 (cm)
6.80 (cm)

2 X ATV Funko Pop Tees Protectors (item not included)

ATV Funko Pop Tees Protector - fit all sizes S,M,L & XL

*UK Exclusive to the ATV Store*


Description: Brand new

• Crystal Clear Acid Free Archival Quality PET PLASTIC  Boxes ( Premium quality)

• Extra thick 0.40 mm walls for perfect stack-able protection

• Individually film wrapped for protection (see photos)

• Auto lock at the bottom for ease of setup and aids in stackings your POPs and maintaining their shape.  (see photos)

• D-Lock at the top of the protector, locks the rear of the protector to the top to prevent dust from entering your POP (not many other cases on the web feature this, see photos)

• Protect your collection

• Come as a flat pack

(Please check protector dimensions before ordering)