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Earn Rewards with ATV

Earn rewards with ATV every time you make a purchase you will receive 1 point per £1.

To be able to qualify for these points simply create an ATV account with us by clicking on the “Earn Rewards” tab in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and also access the following -


Creating an account = 100 points

Birthday points = 50 points

Follow us on Facebook = 25 points

Follow us on Twitter – 25 points

Follow us on Instagram - 50 points

  • in order for you activity to be registered and for points to be accredited you need to click on the social links  located on the "Earn Rewards" pop up page, then follow the link through to the desired social site
  • points will be be accredited immediately 
  • Unfollowing and refollowing accounts will not register and result in a ban from any promotional offers issued by ATV 


REVIEWS– Write a review and earn 50 rewards points

  • These points will be accredited to your account within 24 - 48 hours
  • Are limited to one per order – meaning multiple reviews of products from the same order still qualify as 50 reward points
  • Points are limited to 5 reviews on 5 different orders placed per year per account – additional reviews will be registered and appear on the website but no additional points will be added.


  • Promotional packages will be sent out to social influencers - who have an active following of over 1000 + 
  • They will  also to have prove previous purchase history on ATV products prior to receiving promotional packages. 
  • Promotional packages are completely down to the discretion of ATV TEAM members regardless if social influencers accounts meet the criteria stated above.
  • Once promotional packages have been received ATV requires at least one photo post and video post reviewing the ATV products - on the influencers chosen platform - instagram, facebook, youtube or twitter
  • Promotional Packages does not entitle the social influencers to other reward point offers.
  • Please submit entries to



Shout Out via social sites Post out pictures of your purchases and @atvstoreofficial or tag us - to receive 25 reward points

  • An ATV Account is required
  • These are limited to 10 shout outs per year across your combined Instagram/Facebook & twitter accounts 
  • One shout out per order equals 25 reward points -  multiple posts from the same order may be used on atv social sites but only a maximum of 25 reward points accredited. 
  • Shout out must include an ATV Product and be visible in the photo, for reward points to be accredited and to qualify as a repost. We do not repost unprotected collections.
  • Any additional shout out and posts maybe re-posted to ATV Instagram account but no additional points will be added to your individual ATV accounts if maximum amount of social shout out points have been exceeded for that year
  • Accounts will be accredited at the end of each month



500 Points - £5 OFF

1000 Points £10 OFF

2500 Points £25 OFF


  • ATV can't grant free/additional points to customers - points a strictly granted on the engagements listed above.
  • All points earned on individual accounts are not transferable to other accounts
  • They are not transferable to ATV eBay or ATV Amazon. These points are solely used and redeemed for ATV STORE website only.
  • ATV Accounts are limited to one per customer – duplication of accounts will be deleted and granted points from engagements listed above can’t be transferable – expect purchased points.
  • When orders are refunded, so are the reward points - this will reflect in your account when the refund is issued.