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2 PACK UV Hard Stack Protector

Funko Pop Hard Stack Protectors

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The strongest Hard Stack protectors around!!! Made from 4mm thick Strong Acrylic walls and  a magnetically sealed lid. Protect  your most scared of grails in our strongest protectors to date!!

  • 4mm extra thick WALLS crystal clear acrylic
  • 4mm extra thick LID crystal clear acrylic (NEW)
  • UV Resistant (NEW)
  • ATV Engraved logo on top lid
  • Magnetically sealed lid (STRONGER)
  • One opening only (no worry of your pop falling out the bottom)
  • Perfect fit for all 2 PACK/DUO Funko pops
  • Stack-able (please note - does not stack with Funko pop hard stacks as ours are a lot thicker)



Our UV filtration is equipped with a 98% UV-resistant filter, effectively safeguarding your collectibles from sun-induced discoloration. However, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may not offer absolute UV protection. Achieving full UV protection would require tinting the crystal clear acrylic, potentially affecting visibility. We have carefully balanced protection and visibility in our design.

Our Hard Stacks undergo molded injected plastic techniques and hand finishing, which may result in minor imperfections like surface irregularities, minor blemishes, and slight scratches. In some cases, very small bubbles may also occur during the injection process. While these manufacturing imperfections are rare, we want you to have complete information before placing your order.

Rest assured, these imperfections have no impact on the product's visibility or strength.