ATV1 Blu-ray Steelbook Protectors [Pack of 10]

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ATV1 Blu-ray Steelbook Protective Slipcovers / Sleeves / Protectors Pack of 10 (SteelBook not included) 

*****Snug fit for Blu-ray steelbook unsealed without Jcards****

Protect your investment today with a ATV Steelbook Protector 

  • Premium Quality 3/4 enclosed Slipcovers are specially designed to Protect every part of the Steelbook apart from the spine, so the spine can be seen clearly on your shelf 

  • Made from Crystal Clear Acid Free Archival Quality plastic PET 

  • Comes with free Microfiber Cloth 

  • Fits all standard size Blu-ray Steelbooks unsealed without J cards for a SNUG Fit.(please check dimensions before ordering) 

  • Extra thick 0.40 mm walls for perfect dust, dirt, scratches and general shelf wear protection 

  • Individually film wrapped for protection (see photos) 

  • Comes as a flat pack